The Colours and Finishes

Natural Colour Selection
All CN architectural terracotta products are made from the local purple clay also known as “the five coloured earth”. The clay contains a variety of minerals (including quartz, kaolin, mica and iron oxide) giving it unique colour qualities along with highly dense structure. The terracotta panels, terracotta louvers, and split tiles that are made of purple clay all have distinct advantages over other clay sources. Firstly, they are 100% natural and all the “natural finish” colours are produced solely from the purple clay itself. We do not contaminate our terracotta with impurities and organics to achieve our diverse colour selection - this means our colour selection has stability that is second-to-none in the market. The secondary result of not contaminating our product line is the ability to consistently control the density of the product. This prevents excess water absorption which is the most basic measurement of a high quality terracotta.  
Terracotta Contract - North America


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Terracotta Contract - North America


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