About CN Terracotta North America

CN Terracotta North America is a collaboration between CN Ceramic and Terra Cotta Contract llc, to bring CN’s proven products to the North American market. CN brings a strong tradition of manufacturing know how and innovation developed through years of production for domestic and international markets as Terracotta Contract brings years of expertise in servicing the architectural community in detail development and solution creation.

Through this we will be able to meet the demands of your project technically and economically. We look forward to being your solution provider.

About CN Ceramic

CN Cermic (Jingsu) Co. Ltd., a solely invested enterprise by CN Ceramic (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd., is among the premier terracotta panel manufacturers in the world, developing, producing, and selling wall materials that include terracotta louvers, terracotta panel and high-grade exterior wall split tile. 

CN utilizes only the best German and an Italian machinery for its tile creation and manufactures to the standards set by ISO9000 and ISO14001 – but this is just one component of a quality panel. Equally as important as machinery that creates it, is the source of the raw material.

The CN factory is located in Yixing city. Yixing sits atop an abundant source of “Purple Sand” clay that is also known as “the five coloured earth”. For thousands of years, the area is renowned for its artisans utilizing the purple clay to create pottery that combines terracotta modeling, sculpture, painting, calligraphy, and literature. The quality of traditional techniques, along with the clay source, has made Yixing “the pottery capital of China.” CN has carried this thousand year tradition into its manufacturing process to create a product of quality with an unprecedented amount of natural colours and finishes. 

Manufacturing and Quality Control

At CN technology, innovation, and quality are at our core. Presently, CN has terracotta production lines utilizing Italian and German equipment that are the most advanced and precise on the market today. Utilizing the best technologies from around the globe, a Italian vacuum extruder, roller kiln, automated cutting equipment from Germany, robotic loading and unloading, and chamber drying, our line for our standardized products is second to none in the world. 
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